Thursday, 27 December 2012

Funny jokes Sir senseless

Sir: Being a grown up man, what will you do?
Poltu: I shall use facebook.
Sir: I want to make you unclerstand  what will be your occupation after becoming adult one.
Poltu: Facebook user.
Sir: What a fool you are! As an adult one, what do you want to get it?
Poltu: Post as a like.
Sir: Ah! Foolish boy. What is your duty to your parents?
Poltu: I shall open facebook page.
Sir: What an ass you are! From you what types of work do your parents long for?
Poltu: Password of my account.
Sir: Oh, my God. What is your aim in life?
Poltu: To hack your daughter’s facebook.
Sir: By listening to him, sir becomes senseless.

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